Purpose of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Intl.

The singular mission of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International is to find a cure for diabetes and the associated complications that follow. The charitable, non-profitable organization aims at doing this through detailed research that the organization funds. Since Type I diabetes is a condition that strikes suddenly and requires multiple insulin injections each day for a normal life, it is not a cure but merely a method of managing blood sugar levels.

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International understands the complications and the devastation that high blood sugar levels can cause in the various parts of the body. Some of these complications include the kidney, eyes, heart, amputation and more. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International does not focus only on finding an ultimate cure for diabetes. The organization is aware of the fact that this is something that can take time.

Research in other areas that can help make life easier to manage for those who have juvenile diabetes is also carried out. Towards this goal, products like an insulin pump and others are created. There are also many drugs that have been discovered that help prevent and cure medical conditions associated with diabetes too.

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International believes that they have to lead the way towards finding a cure for type I juvenile diabetes. They have relentlessly worked towards finding talent across all areas in the medical fraternity in order to develop a multi-pronged approach towards making this disease more manageable.

The organization has awarded more than $1.5 billion towards researching this area and is dogged about their commitment to find a solution to this problem that plagues so many. The relentless approach that the scientists and doctors have in the organization is amazing to watch and despite the fact that they have still not found a permanent cure for the condition, they do not give up hope of reaching their ultimate goal.


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